Beau-Rivage Hotel, Neuchâtel

during the Belle Epoque

This itinerary of ten unique experiences introduces you to the Belle Epoque splendours and treasures of the old town of Neuchâtel with an audio guide or in the company of a heritage guide.

Unlike a traditional tour, this new itinerary is interactive while still remaining educational.

From CHF 10.00 per person

Children’s treasure hunts
With the “Scallywags” treasure hunt, children go in search of around twenty characters and objects from the Belle Epoque illustrated with anecdotes in the town centre.

CHF 25.00 per family

These courses, created by the Tourist Office, can be booked as part of your package Neuchâtel Evasion.

Neuchâtel Evasion

Reveal the secrets of watchmaking or Absinthe or opt for the Belle Epoque itinerary that takes you off the beaten track... Select your options and discover your personalised offer.