Beau-Rivage Hotel, Neuchâtel

Lac de Neuchâtel

The magnificent lake of Neuchâtel stretching as far as the eye can see. A natural swimming pool at the foot of your hotel. With temperatures ranging from 6 to 24 degrees, it's refreshing in the summer, and for the brave, invigorating in the winter.

The 217.8 km2 Neuchâtel lake, at an altitude of 429 m, has the claim of being the largest lake to be entirely on Swiss territory. Spanning the cantons of Neuchâtel (86 km2), Vaud (74 km2), Fribourg (53 km2) and Bern (2 km2) it forms – together with Lake Murten and Lake Biel – the Three Lakes Region.

38 km in length and a maximum of 8.2 km in width, its maximum depth is 152 m and it has an estimated capacity of 14 km3.

The sand banks at its centre look like you could stand up on them. But only the local water sports enthusiasts can tell you the exact position of these little "islands".

Day Spa

Precious time spent with friends or a relaxing break in your busy day. Take care of your mind and body, recharge your batteries and leave feeling refreshed and ready for anything.