Beau-Rivage Hotel, Neuchâtel



This entertainment of Japanese origin meets the Beau-Rivage. "Kara", meaning empty, and "okesutora", meaning orchestra, gave rise to the word Karaoke, meaning empty orchestra.

Dare to sing at will without needing an orchestra or real musicians to accompany your performance.


Game room

The Beau-Rivage invites you to discover our game room with a pool table, a baby-foot and a chess set.
Score points over a beer with your friends. We look forward to meeting you.

Billard: from mondy to sunday 120.- CHF/ Hour
+ 9.- CHF / Pax for olives + seasonal puff pastry + still/ sparkling water



This intimate space is equipped with machines of high standing combining the latest technologies with a great comfort of use. So to work all the muscles of your body, we put at your disposal: ellipsoidal cross trainer, sitting bike, treadmill, rowing machine, free weights, ball and yoga mat.

Open every day 24/7.