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  • Découvrez les secrets des horlogers et fabriquez vous-même votre montre
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  • Goûtez aux saveurs du terroir neuchâtelois
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  • Déjeuner sur l'herbe avec le Beau-Rivage Hotel
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Summer Packages 2016

In the following pages you will find our highly colourful selection of offers. Like a landscape painter, we were inspired by the enchanting natural environment of the Neuchatel region, along with its rich cultural heritage, for their design. You can take a trip on the Three-Lakes in a sailboat, immerse yourself in the universe of traditional watch-making or become acquainted with the Green Fairy.

We look forward to welcoming you home...

1, Esplanade du Mont-Blanc, CH-2000 Neuchâtel - T +41 32 723 15 15 - F +41 32 723 16 16 - info@beau-rivage-hotel.ch - plan d'accès